2017 IMAGINE Conference a Success!

  • “This was an excellent conference with exceptional presentations which were very timely and informative for our Society.” 
“Imagine” Participant

  • “I’m amazed at the diversity, resiliency, and determination of other hospice palliative care agencies.”
“Imagine” Participant 

  • “I’m blown away by the outstanding work going on in Alberta - I need to stay in touch with others more often!"
“Imagine” Participant

2017 Imagine Conference

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It's About Life...The AHPCA Blog

Hospice Palliative Care: its primary goal is improving the quality of the person’s remaining days while minimizing the suffering at the end of their life. In other words, it’s about life.

For many of us, the journey’s challenges may be more manageable when there’s a friendly word, something to bring a smile, or the sharing of helpful information; it’s just the sort of thing you’ll find on AHPCA’s new blog, “It’s About Life...”

“It’s About Life...” will focus on the issues important to Albertans facing end-of-life matters. Through the blog’s practical coping strategies, new research, or inspiring stories, our goal is to support individuals, their loved ones, and their community hospice caregivers in the quest to help patients achieve the highest possible quality of life at the end of life.



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